Quilts in the Barn

Quilts in the Barn have released their flyer for the 2014 event. Special guests are Brenda Papadakis (Dear Jane) and Patty Harants (the Wickersham Signature Quilt)

qui;ts in barn-1

If you are interested, you will need to register quickly for their workshops.


Beautiful quilts

My mother in law visited from the UK 3 years ago and was here for the EPQ quilt show and attended a few meetings on Wednesdays with me.  The girls from Wednesday were lovely enough to give Barbara some blocks as a present for her help at the show and as a farewell gift. She has now created two quilts from these blocks and sent me some photos.  I thought everyone might enjoy seeing them. Chris C. Barbara Cassidy_EPQ block quilt_2013_1 Barbara Cassidy_EPQ block quilt_2013_3

Upcoming Craft and Quilt Fairs

Some dates to add to your diary, for more information go to Expertise Events

The Creative Textile Show in Canberra on May2-4 is a new one this year and is a welcome replacement for the textile art show that was previously in Brisbane. An easy drive to Canberra from Sydney!



Patchwork is Everywhere

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics in Sochi? The bravery and skill of the athletes amazes me, no way would you catch me hurtling down a mountain head first on what looks like a travel ironing board!

But, I am really loving seeing patchwork everywhere through the games. On the banners, the competitor’s vests and all types of signage. 2014Olympicbanners 2014SochiOlympicbrand

The designs are, of course, based on a patchwork quilt. The designers, Bosco, wanted a design that would reflect the traditions of the Russian culture and reflect the ideals of the Olympic Games.

They stated “they had a wealth of choices to represent Russia’s rich diversity, but in the end we settled on something familiar, warm and welcoming: the patchwork quilt”. Patterns in the quilt pieces were taken from fabrics, ceramics, folk art painting and clothing.

Its fantastic to see quilts being used in such a high profile way, maybe it will encourage a few others to take up this traditional art form.

The official Sochi.ru website shows the patterns that were used to derive the designs, there is a sliding bar that links with images of the patterns that link to information about each pattern and photos showing the location of the patterns in the banners. Its well worth a look. Click here to be taken to the site. Then click on Look of the Games.

From the official 2014 Sochi-RU site, this is how they describe the choice of the quilting theme: The Sochi 2014 Look of the Games concept is a logical continuation of the philosophy behind the sochi.ru brand. It offers a new interpretation of different cultures, traditions and ethnicities which together form a united and powerful visual identity. At the heart of the Look of the Games concept design lies the principle of the “patchwork quilt” – a combination of 16 designs representing the most famous traditional Russian arts and crafts, ranging from Gzhel to Khokhloma. – See more at: http://www.flarefabrics.ca/blog/index.php/patchwork-as-olympic-motif/#sthash.jJvFl6YT.dpuf

Snow Quilts

Simon Beck walks all day across the frozen lakes of Savoie, France to create beautiful quilt patterns in the snow. Each takes him about 5-9 hours to create to the finished size of three soccer fields, however sometimes snowfalls prevent him finishing his work. Simon walks on raquettes (snow shoes) to create the intricate patterns and says that his initial reason for doing so was for exercise as he can no longer run due to feet problems. Now, he more enjoys taking photographs of his creations and is considering buying a new camera! Go to mymodermmet for more great pictures and click here for a recent updatesnow quiltsnow quilt 2