Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild Exhibition this weekend

Make sure that you get to this great quilt exhibition this weekend. You can find all the details here. It is on in Kiama on Saturday and Sunday 30-31st May, opening at 10am each morning, $5 entry and a stunning raffle quilt. There is also an opening night event that is detailed on the website.  Limited parking at the Pavillion, you will need to park around the streets, alternatively its a two hour train trip from Sydney. Trains seem to leave hourly from Central station on weekends and with your Opal card $5.31 each way on Saturday, $2.50 capped maximum on Sunday . . . sounds like a good idea? The train station is only a 5 minute walk  from the Pavillion. Have a lovely day out and get in 4 hours of stitching as well!

kiama mod quilt

mod quiolt

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