EPQ receives Australia Post Our Neighbourhood Community Grant

We are very proud to be the recipients of a community grant from Australia Post through their Our Neighbourhood Community Grant programme.


Eastwood Patchwork Quilters supply little quilts to the Social Welfare Department of Sydney maternity hospitals. The quilts are offered to parents of babies who have died, to wrap their baby while they say goodbye. The group completes about 350 quilts per year which are distributed to three hospitals. The hospitals would like more and have suggested they could use twice that number, and other hospitals have requested our support.

Recently a hospital which supports Aboriginal Health in one area has requested the use of indigenous type fabrics be used in some quilts.

The financial grant will be used to purchase bulk supplies of suitable materials to expand the scope of this venture for the next twelve months. At present the group supplies some fabric which is supplemented with donations from members.

The committee anticipates preparing individual quilt kits with all materials included, ready to be distributed to members for construction of the little quilts. A small fabric label will be sewn to the reverse of the quilt noting it is a gift from Eastwood Patchwork Quilters.

3 thoughts on “EPQ receives Australia Post Our Neighbourhood Community Grant

  1. Hello there I have recently moved to Australia. I love to make hand-stitched quilts. I came to your show a little while ago and enjoy your emails. I would very much like to help by making small quilts for the Sydney maternity hospitals. I am v happy to provide the materials. Would it be possible for you to send the dimensions/requirements if such a little quilt, and if acceptable, and address to send any little quilts to. I would love to support you and the hospitals, I hope that I can. Kind regards Paula Cooper

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    • My apologies for the late reply Paula. Whilst it is a lovely offer that you have made, it would be better for you to contact one of the wome’s hospitals yourself close to where you live. It could become quite cumbersome to pass the back and forth. If close to Eastwood, of course, you are more than welcome to come and visit the group with a view to joining.

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