Upcoming Craft and Quilt Fairs

Some dates to add to your diary, for more information go to Expertise Events

The Creative Textile Show in Canberra on May2-4 is a new one this year and is a welcome replacement for the textile art show that was previously in Brisbane. An easy drive to Canberra from Sydney!



Faye’s Little Haberdashery Shop in Manly

Robyn reports,

We once had an article in our newsletter about a tiny shop in Manly. It made the local Manly paper because Faye Morley was robbed. So, the local community held a ‘cash mob’ to come and spend up big in her little shop
Faye is 99.

I had tried twice unsuccessfully to go and visit. The first time I couldn’t find it as the address reads Park Lane Arcade off The Corso. This isn’t the case as I discovered on my second attempt, thanks to the girls in the library, that it is somewhere off Market Lane,  near Whistler St and Sydney Rd opposite the car park. So, I found The Park Lane Arcade (definitely no Park Lane) and a brown door, labelled 3. Many doors lined the art deco arcade and all had numbers, few had anything else. I didn’t think this could possibly be it…………..how small could the shop be?


Third time lucky, around 11am on a Thursday. Door was open. Wow, tiny, tiny, tiny. I had a look around ……………..you stand in one spot and turn your body; then I woke up Faye who was napping behind the counter. She was  such fun to talk to although she repeated things a bit .


…………..she’s owned the shop for 15 years; belonged to her daughter-in-law (I think); doesn’t even make enough to pay the rent, but just good to keep the money in Manly;

“just buy 10cm, no point buying more than you need; all the buttons are made in Australia; just buy however many you need -I don’t sell them in packets here……………”

I was hoping to find some treasures. I found  dust and some pretty ordinary haberdashery bits. I really needed some needles and thread but she was out of those at the moment.

I had taken some of our quilt show flyers to leave on the counter. She seemed quite excited by the idea “oh, my daughter is a quilter, she lives in Mt Wilson”. Anyway, not sure if the half a dozen flyers I left got buried under the stuff on the counter but hey, was a delight to meet her and a lovely step back in time.